6 points about Sausage Party


6 points about:

   Sausage Party

sausage party image.jpgSausage Party is basically Seth Rogen’s passion project that many would find hard to believe that it even got made. Many movies will come out this year, next year and every year after, but I struggle to imagine that any movie will match the ambition of this movie. Many will also struggle match the profanity and raunchy-ness of Sausage Party. The day that Seth Rogen and his friends stop making movies will be a sad one, but how does Sausage Party fare? Find out in the six points below.

1. The ambition was high, which is admirable.

As I previously stated, the ambition of this movie was extremely high. The vision that Seth Rogen had with this project, is undeniably very ballsy and adventurous, yet perhaps after years of sitting around, planning and waiting for the idea to come together and get the green light, he may have gotten too excited. There was a point in the movie, where sausage’s swearing was getting a bit old and there didn’t seem to be much fresh humour coming through. Seth’s excitement is easily seen in the dialogue from the amount of times that each character says f*ck. He was clearly trying to show the audience what type of movie this is and what the tone will be, but perhaps went a slight bit overboard. This brings me back to my point about the ambition. Seth definitely had huge plans for Sausage Party, but maybe his high ambitions just were too excitable and didn’t always work in the movie.

2.  Ambition aside, there was enough hilarious moments to make you pee your pants.

Despite my previous point, there are certainly enough scenes in the move that were outrageously funny. There are at least 4-5 scenes that were absolutely brilliant and would have almost anyone laughing. These are the moments where Seth’s high ambitions worked. It was simply the time in between these 4-5 scenes that were obnoxious and were stale. We won’t dwell on this negative just yet, as this is a very positive point. The last scene isn’t for everyone, but it certainly had me busting a gut! Some serious sh*t went down and, add in 3 or so of earlier bust-a-gut scenes, made the overall movie much more enjoyable.

3. The dialogue/screenplay was clunky and obnoxious and supporting characters were annoying


As previously stated, the time in between the 4-5 brilliant scenes, there was stale humour and many of the characters became annoying and obnoxious. Some of the foods had stereotyped personalities regarding the foods typical homeplace, and while this seems like a solid idea, I found it to not work very well. There was a lot of side characters who didn’t add much to the movie, and when they tried to have a twist with one of the supporting characters, it just didn’t seem to work. This is probably because most side characters were underdeveloped and there was little to invest in them. The screenplay was lazy and sometimes instead of adding a swear word or toilet humour, there could have been a short snappy one liner. This would have helped the overall flow of the move and would have helped transition between the high stakes scenes and the smaller less important scenes where less was happening.

4.Michael Cera and Jonah Hill’s character were actually very good.


There was one exception to my statement about the underdeveloped supporting characters. This exception comes in the form of Michael Cera’s character, Barry and Jonah Hill’s character, Carl. Their relationship and back and forth was the best of anybody in the whole movie and their adventures outside of the supermarket was a refreshing break from the events inside Shopwells supermarket. Their comedic timing was good and provided one of the best parts of the whole movie, when they were in the house of the druggy. These two seriously added to my overall enjoyment of the movie.

5. More of the screen time should have been allocated to the lead characters ( And Hill and Cera, of course;)

There was a lot of wasted screen time in the movie allocated to way too many unimportant characters in the hope of trying to build them up as important. The main characters felt underdeveloped at times and their scenes felt too rushed. If they had have stuck to their guns, had much less characters, then the movie would have flowed better. Ultimately, a lot of the supporting characters felt useless at the end and the pay-off for them was poor. This makes you wonder why the directors/writers didn’t realise this and invested more time into Seth Rogen and Kirsten Wiig’s characters, Frank and Brenda.

6. Overall, Sausage party was enjoyable, yet still a messy movie.

As someone who is a big fan of Seth Rogen’s movies, I have to say that this was a disappointment compared to some of his others. Despite the negatives listed above, there was enough positives and enjoyment for me to recommend to anyone who enjoys these movies. If you don’t like raunchy, over-the-top comedy’s, then this isn’t the movie for you. I am going to rate this 6/10, yet I feel like there was much more potential with Sausage Party and hold high hopes for future Seth Rogen/Evan Goldberg movies.


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