Six points about fantastic beasts and where to find them

Six points about

Fantastic Beasts and where to find them


So Fantastic Beasts (I’m not writing the full title every single time) is a sort-of prequel to the Harry Potter series. Fortunately, this movie doesn’t rely on everybody’s fandom of Harry Potter to make this an enjoyable movie. Just to clarify also, I’m not a huge Harry Potter fan. I liked the movies, but I’m not completely invested in the universe and I don’t know every single wizardry term that is used. I still went into this movie with some expectations, and was I disappointed you ask? I don’t really know. Read on to find out why I am a bit unsure of Fantastic Beasts.

1.  J.K Rowling’s writing was not a problem.


J.K Rowling’s debut screenplay was not much of a problem. It worked well for the most part, and she knows this universe better than anybody, so I dare you to find a better fit. Her action scenes didn’t always translate well on-screen, but otherwise it was all pretty solid. It won’t go winning any Oscars for screenplay, but it was a good story by Rowling, that for the most part, translated well on-screen. I have heard a few people say that Rowling hadn’t a clue how to write this movie, but I disagree strongly, and it was a good script.

2. The acting wasn’t great.


Nobody was noticeably bad in this movie. Everybody did their job fine. Eddie Redmayne as Newt Scamander was probably one of two stand-outs in the movie. Redmayne has a franchise on his shoulders, so he had to perform, and he did well. He should continue to grow into this character as the movies pass on. The other stand-out was Dan Fogler as Kowalski. He was the comic relief in this movie, and also offered up some emotion. Of all the characters, he was the one that I cared about most, and was most invested in. This should lead to good things for Fogler, so yeah, good job. Everybody else was Katherine Waterson was decent as Porpetina and has some good scenes, particularly towards the end, and Ezra Miller grew into his character well. Colin Farrell felt as if, at times, he was uninterested and wasn’t invested in the project, which is a shame as I really like Farrell.


3.The story side-tracked far too often


This was particularly evident in the first act, and it felt as if they didn’t exactly know where they were going with the movie. They got over this little gripe, but the first act did take a while to get figured out where the movie was going. The whole Side-plot with Ezra Miller and his s characters scenario was uninteresting at times, and I wanted to get back into the adventure with Newt and his crew. In the end, his story had a decent pay-off, but the build up to this pay-off was slow and sometimes uninteresting. Otherwise, the story of Newt Scamander and his crew’s adventure was very fun and one of my favourite parts of the entire movie.

4. The premise of the story was very good


The whole idea of this movie is very clever and enjoyable. The whole concept of these beasts being unleashed in a normal city is very clever and this made for a fun adventure. If the following movies can continue this imagination and great story-telling then they should improve on each one. One negative that I do have to point out, is that the CGI beasts and creatures weren’t as amazing as I had expected. They were perfectly fine, but I certainly won’t remember them in years to come. The other visual effects were very good, despite my negative about the beasts.

5. There wasn’t too many major flaws/plot points, it was just a bit boring.


There was nothing too much wrong with this movie. It just didn’t re-imagine the whole Harry Potter franchise, and does pale in comparison to some of the Harry Potter films. I enjoyed parts of it, but overall I was considerably dissapointed. Fans of the Harry Potter franchise will particularly love this movie. I went with some real Potter fans, and they loved it. It is definitely worth the watch if you loved the Potter franchise and you should go out and see this movie. Don’t expect it to be the best movie in history, but it’s pretty alright.

6. It set up the sequels perfectly.


There is lots of talk about the sequels. David Yates has signed on to do all 5 movies, which there is positives and negatives to, but at least he knows the universe well. He has had a good start. Johnny Depp being confirmed for the next movie, which is a conversation for another day, but at least this creates some intrigue for it. Dumbeldore being confirmed is also confirmed, and even got a name drop in the first. This will also create some intrigue, particularly for hard-core Potter fans. Overall, this was a okay movie, that I will rate it 5.5/10.


Let me know what you guys thought of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them in the comments below.


Also, stay tuned for our continuation of the Clint Eastwood directed movies series.


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