six points about suicide squad

Six points about

Suicide Squad


Damn this movie caused controversy. A great marketing campaign, great cast, smart story and different to every other comic book movie. What could go wrong right? Surely nothing? Well in many people’s eyes, a lot went wrong. I disagree. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this as much as I did, but dammit I had a lot fun with Suicide Squad. Just to clarify a few things before we start as well, I am writing six points about the extended edition, not the theatrical version. Also, just to state, I thought Batman vs Superman was a pile of hot garbage, and I didn’t enjoy Man of Steel either. So keyboard warriors, don’t even consider calling me a DC/Marvel suck-up.


1.  The concept of suicide squad is brilliant.

This was a completely different movie to almost every other comic book movie. Yes, it had similarities with the tone of say, Guardians of the Galaxy, and it had the team-up element that The Avengers had, but Suicide Squad definitely offered something different. I will talk about the characters later, but the pure idea of all these “bad guys”, with complete opposite personalities being shoved together is genius. I thought that the writing was snappy, and the comedic jokes through speech worked. The actor’ delivery also added to this, but I saw no fault in the writing. Again, I will state that I went into this expecting a complete mess of a screenplay, but for the most part, it was pretty good.

2. The characters were the best part of this movie


Well, most of them anyway. Starting with the star of the show, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn was the stand-out, and was my favourite part of the entire movie. She showed emotion when needed, and her comedic timing was on point. She never went over the top with her character, and played to Harley Quinn’s emotions perfectly. Quinn was a very interesting character and had an intriguing back-story. You never knew what she would do next. Will Smith was also brilliant as Deadshot. He was the more grounded of everyone, yet still showed that he was indeed, a bad-guy. He also a very interesting backstory, that I was very invested in. His back-and forth with the rest of the characters, particularly Harley Quinn, was excellent. Viola Davis played her role as Amanda Waller perfectly. You always knew that she was in control of these characters, all thanks to both how good that Davis’ performance was, and how good her character was. Jai Courtney played a much more supporting role, but was surprisingly very good, and provided a different dynamic to the squad with his character, Captain Boomerang. Everybody else was fine, but perhaps not so good as to deserve a mention, but one character that I did have a problem with was…..

3. The Joker 

Unfortunately, I felt that The Joker was made to feel like a brainless, psychopathic villain. I felt that Jared Leto went way over the top in his performance, and didn’t do the character justice. Heath Ledger was just so damn good in that role, and Leto didn’t live up the high expectations. It’s a shame and hopefully, Leto will go back to the Joker’s roots, and not portray him as a stupid animated, brainless character.

4. I enjoyed the change of tone

By change of tone, I am referring to the more dull movies in the DCEU. Suicide Squad lightened up a good bit, and added a brand of humour to it. This worked for the most part, for me anyways. I thought that the casting of Will Smith was genius and he added a lot to the movie. Margot Robbie and Jai Courtney also were good in getting over the tone that David Ayer was trying to get across. BvS was a very dull affair, not to even mention Man of Steel, and Dc needed a change up in things. Suicide Squad did exactly that. This movie did turn dark when it needed to be, and didn’t ruin any serious or important points in the movie. Good job guys.

5. I am going to talk spoilers in point 6, so yeah, conclusion now instead.

Overall, I felt that Suicide Squad, was very enjoyable and was a solid addition to the DCEU. I felt that it was a major improvement on the last two movies in the universe and the lighter tone worked. There was some interesting characters, some not so interesting. There was some great acting, some not so great. The cameos worked well, and I want to see more from these guys. I had two major issues with Suicide Squad. One was the The Joker, which I talked about above, and the other I will discuss below. I will rate this now, and I will give Suicide Squad a 7/10, yet I fully understand why somebody may not have enjoyed this movie.


Ok so spoilers will be discussed below, so if you have yet to see Suicide Squad, take my points into consideration and go watch Suicide Squad. If you have seen it, then continue reading.

6. The ending was pretty f*ucking awful.

By the ending I mean the final battle between Enchantress’ brother and the flaming dude who’s name I can’t even remember. Yeah he was that bad. To start, he was an awful actor, and showed no emotion. I was glad that he died. I didn’t care that he died. The rest of the cast didn’t seem to care that he died. Damn this whole plot point with Enchantress was awful. It started out as a decent idea, but turned into a huge, unexplained and stupid mess. It made no sense, wasn’t interesting, and I just wanted to get back to Deadshot and the crew. The final battle was cringy, and took away from the movie completely. Just to clarify, I liked how they tied up the endings for the survivors of the squad, just this whole thing with the flaming dude and Enchantress and her brother was so uninteresting and stupid that it really made the movie look cheap. I won’t rant much more, but this was an awful ending to an enjoyable movie.



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