6 points about bad santa

        6 points about

     Bad Santa


So Bad Santa 2 has very recently come out in theatres, and is the sequel to the classic 2003 comedy. I personally find that this period of time was a great few years for classic comedy movies e.g Bad Santa, Old School, Anchorman etc. But how did the offensive Christmas movie, Bad Santa fare in the 6 point review. Read on to find out!

1.This was a straight up funny movie.

A comedy movie is plain and simple, meant to make you laugh. Everything else is a bonus, or at least that’s how I see it. I will talk about how good the bonuses of this movie were later, but how funny was it? The answer is pretty damn funny. Bad Santa has a great sense of humour and everybody knew how to deliver and get across a joke. There wasn’t lazy toilet humour or anything silly that we see in a lot of comedy movies more in more recent times. Bad Santa offers some extremely funny characters, scenarios and story to make anybody laugh. Once I’m laughing at a comedy movie, then it has done it’s job

2. Billy Bob Thornton was very good.

Billy Bob is a bit of an odd name, eh? Whatever his name is, he was great. Billy Bob offered a great comedic and heartfelt performance. Everybody else was pretty good in their roles, but he was by far the stand out. He played to his characters emotions perfectly and let us see peaks behind his characters mean and drunken side. Many actors may have gone over the top with their portrayal of this character, but Billy Bob never gets annoying or silly in his performance. One performance that I almost find to be a guilty pleasure is Brett Kelly as the fat kid. This actor has never really amounted to anything and to be perfectly honest, he never looked like he will go on to be a multiple Oscar winner. Yet this kid had me in stitches every time he spoke, and that’s the purpose of a comedy movie right?

3. Bad Santa has a great premise.

This is a very good idea for a holiday movie. It represents any R-rated holiday comedies and this is down to its fantastic premise. It’s a clever and original idea and only added to my enjoyment of the film. It also isn’t stupid scenarios that are unrealistic. This movie does have a realistic feel to it. While no comedy is going to be totally believable, Bad Santa does play the events of the heist in the Mall as realistic. As I watched this unfold, I thought, yes this is probably what might happen if these things were actually happening. Add in the comedic elements and you have yourself an enjoyable movie.

4. Bad Santa isn’t without its heartfelt moments.

This movie had so many heart-warming moments, and yet it never felt forced or for lack of a better word, cheesy. I genuinely felt what each character was going through. The kid honestly had so many touching scenes that matched his comedic ones. This was executed perfectly thanks to a great script and some solid acting. As I previously stated, comedy movies should make me laugh and everything else is a bonus. This was a major bonus and seriously added to my overall enjoyment of the movie.

5.Despite the positives, some jokes were over run,

This was especially evident with one character in particular. This was Tony Cox’s Marcus character. This isn’t to say he was all bad, but I just found his character along with his wife in the movie to be annoying. He seemed to harp on about the same crap the whole way through, none of it really made sense. It was the only times in the movie that swear words or silly humour was added just for the sake of it. It worked with The kid and Billy Bob, but I just never felt that Cox had any real chemistry. In the end, I found his character to be annoying.

6. Overall this is a very funny and heart-warming movie.

This isn’t one of the greatest movies ever made. Yet I’m going to go ahead and say that this is the best Christmas comedy of all time. Let me know below if you disagree, but I just found this movie to be extremely entertaining. The funny moments were blended perfectly with the more serious moments. With the exception of my 5th point, nothing came across as annoying or forced. The romance in the movie worked well. This is a very good and just plain and simple fun movie, and I am going to rate it 8.3/10.


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