6 points about The Accountant

6 points about

The Accountant



So The Accountant is directed by Gavin O’Connor, who directed Warrior, which I really liked. This movie also stars Ben Affleck, who is one of my favourite actors, so I obviously was quite excited about this movie. I was quite late watching this movie so from the reviews, I wasn’t expecting the best movie that I have ever seen. This toned down my excitement so I went into The Accountant expecting a solid movie and to be perfectly honest that’s pretty much what I got. Read on to find out my in-depth thoughts on The Accountant.


1. The whole cast was perfectly fine

I wasn’t blown away by anybody in this movie. I was almost expecting Ben Affleck to be amazing, but he was just fine. Definitely far from his best ever performance, but it was still a nice and tidy performance from Affleck. I thought that he could have delved a bit deeper into his character, but he still did a decent job.  The last movie that I saw J.K Simmons in was Whiplash, and this is a big tone-down from that performance. He, like Affleck, has had much better performances throughout his career, but he gave a fine performance in what was a surprisingly limited role. Anna Kendrick, I thought anyway, gave the best performance in this movie. Kendrick is a very good actress, but for a movie starring Ben Affleck and J.K Simmons, I was shocked that she stood out the most. Perhaps, I underestimated her, but she was fantastic in this movie. I was totally invested in her character more than anyone else in this movie, and she had some very good scenes. Kendrick really seemed to stretch her wings out in this movie, and I was thoroughly impressed by her performance.


2. This movie had a very interesting narrative.

Gavin O’Connor’s idea for this movie, at a glance is very run-of the mill. Yet this movie is told in such an interesting way that I was very impressed with his idea of how to tell the story. Warrior was a better movie, but The Accountant was told in a much more interesting, non-linear way, that it stands out. There were non-linear elements to this movie and seeing how Affleck’s character of Christian Wolff story played out was very interesting. How O’Connor dealt with this character and how he showed his development and how he dealt with his autism was done excellently. This part of the story was done very well, but I had some problems with other aspects of the story, which I will talk about in the pint below.


3. Now for the bad storytelling…

There were quite a lot of under-developed sub-plots that this movie tried to deal with. It gave so much back-story to Affleck’s character, which was great, but it’s almost as if everyone else suffered as a result of this. The whole side story of J.K Simmons and the girl he has working for him just felt so out of place in the movie. This was mainly because of how little time was spent exploring it. It was just shoved in there because it had to. I didn’t care about anything that these characters were doing and it dragged me out of the movie. A real waste of J.K Simmons. He literally only had about three scenes, and they were very exposition based. This could really have been dealt with much better. There are a few other examples of these wasteful sub-plots, but this was the most prominent in my mind.

4. Some of the characters were very good, some not so much.

Christian Wolff, played by Ben Affleck, had such an interesting backstory that was told so well. I was totally invested in this character. While this wasn’t an excellent Affleck performance, I still really cared about this character, and what will happen to him next. His sort-of romance with Anna Kendrick was excellently executed and didn’t feel forced. This brings me on to Anna Kendrick’s character, Dana Cummings, who was really a very interesting character. Her back-story or character in general didn’t get as much as Affleck’s, but she didn’t need it. An excellent performance to go along with a great character.


5. The action scenes were pretty intense.

Affleck’s character is a complete bad-ass. There are a few scenes were his character is just kicking absolute ass. Really great action sequences with some great gun shoot-out scenes. There isn’t a huge amount of action in this movie, and this is good, because when an action scene comes around, it has a great pay-off. They are all very intense, particularly one that is shown at the very beginning, which you begin to learn more about as the movie progresses. Also this movie has a fantastic score, done by Mark Isham, and it really adds to these intense scenes.

6. Overall, this is an enjoyable movie, that does have a few notable problems.

I won’t remember The Accountant as one of 2016’s best movies. I won’t look back in 10 years’ time at 2016 and think “oh yeah that’s the year The Accountant came out, God what a movie”. It is a totally enjoyable movie with some good performances and decent action scenes. Gavin O’Connor did make this an interesting story and he told it in an interesting way, which really added to my overall enjoyment of this movie. I would recommend you watch this, but don’t go rushing out to see it as soon as possible. I will rate this 7/10.


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