6 points about Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

6 points about

Star Wars

Episode V

The Empire Strikes Back.


So we continue our series of Star Wars movies with the one that is considered the best, Episode V. It looks like we won’t get to do 6 points about the prequels before the release of Rogue One, but we should get through the original trilogy and Episode VII. So The Empire Strikes Back continues the saga of Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and their battle against Darth Vader and the galactic empire. But did I go with popular opinion and consider this to be the best Star Wars movie ever?? Read on to find that one out.

1. The actors were really beginning to get to know their roles.

In A New Hope, some of the major actors seemed to only be getting to grips with their character and their personality. In this one, they all seem to have seriously progressed and gotten much more comfortable. I personally think that this is Mark Hammill’s best ever performance. He gave such an emotional performance and he really let us know what this Luke Skywalker character is all about. He moved on from being the whiny little teen who wanted to join the rebellion, to probably the most important person in the galaxy. Harrison Ford and Carrie Fischer were also really getting to grips with their characters and showed real development. Obviously, Harrison was becoming the biggest star of anybody in this movie, with being cast as Indiana Jones and what not, and he really stretched his acting muscles here. Carrie Fischer, at times, seemed a bit lost in A New Hope, and while he still gave a fine performance, she had really developed into her character by the time this movie came out. Of course all the voice actors were perfect. Peter Mayhew as Chewbacca, Kenny Baker as R2-D2 and Anthony Daniels as C-3P0 were all perfect in these iconic roles. There was also the addition of Frank Oz as Yoda, and this was one of the most inspiring performances in movie history. So quotable and excellently executed scenes that are so memorable make his voice performance as one of the best ever.

2. The darker tone was needed.

This movie definitely took a darker tone under its belt and it needed to. A New Hope introduced us to these new iconic characters and planets and everything Star Wars, which it needed to. But this movie got to explore deeper and darker tones and we really got to delve deep into the story of the rebels vs the empire. This was certainly not a dark movie and dull movie, and it definitely had all the charm that the first one had. Yet this had the opportunity to go explore some darker and deeper tones, which really added to the quality of the movie.


3. The storyline was compelling as ever

The Star Wars movies have such interesting stories to tell, and this is one of the best damn stories ever. Seeing Luke go head-to-head with Vader for the first and finding out his parentage is brilliant. Seeing these characters go through all these scenarios and how the movie plays out is excellent. This movie, as I said previously, gets a fair bit deeper and darker, and we get to dive into these characters and fully see where their story is going. It’s just such an interesting plot, with so many great sub-plots such as Han and Leia’s relationship, Yoda’s training of Luke, Obi-Wan’s constant looking over of Luke, anything that R2 and C-3P0 do. So many stories to tell and they all are fully developed and told so well. They all intertwine with the overall plot of the rebels vs the empire and Luke vs Vader.



4. The Empire are really damn menacing in this one.

The Empire were big and scary dudes in A New Hope. They had their big Death Star and were pretty damn menacing. Despite the lack of Death Star’s in this movie, they just felt so much more menacing. There was an aura created around Vader, and you really knew he meant business. We also got introduced the Emperor Palpatine for the first time and when even Vader bows down to him, you just know that these Empire guys mean business. They really show just how destructive they are, as they continue to wreak havoc, and also tear almost everything away from Luke, which has been recurring theme in the first two movies. This is aptly titles as “The Empire Strikes Back” as the Empire really do strike back and cause utter havoc. This is the movie that really focuses on expanding the villain’s and making them look like a true force.

5. There are so many amazing characters

Whether it’s characters that we already know, or brand new ones, they are all amazing. Seeing the stories of Luke, Han and Leia really get fleshed out is so fascinating. As I previously stated, we really delve deep into these characters. R2-D2 and C-3P0 always keep the movie witty and funny with their great back-and-forth, and we don’t even understand what one of them is saying! The same could be said about Han and Chewie. In fact the same could be said about Han and anybody. We get introduced to some of the most iconic characters ever, such as Yoda, Lando Calrissian and Emperor Palpatine. Yoda really gives some great lines and helps us understand what the force really is. His scenes with Luke have become so iconic. I already spoke about The Emperor and just how menacing he is. We also get introduced to Lando, the smooth-talking, less scruffier version of Han Solo. Great character story all round.

6. Overall, this is one damn amazing movie.

For me, the best Star Wars movie ever, if not the best movie ever. It is definitely in my top 3 of all time. Such a great continuation of the epic story filled with iconic characters, places and moments that will live long in the memory of anybody. Can’t really praise this high enough, and there is barely a negative to be found. John Williams did it again with the score, Ivan Kershner did an amazing job with the direction and the whole cast was fantastic. Obviously I am going to give The Empire Strikes Back a 10/10.

So we will get Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens out in the next 3 days. Then we will have Rogue One, and after we might do the prequels.


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