6 points about Star Wars: Rogue one

6 points about

Star Wars: Rogue One


Dear Lord I love Star Wars. If you asked me two years ago if I would like to see a movie about the Death Star plans, I would more than likely say, no there is better stories to be told. But boy was I wrong. This was the first spin-off/standalone Star Wars movie, so there was reason to be sceptical. New characters, new stories, new planets made this is a risk, but at the end of the day, it’s Star Wars man! Of course we are going to go and see it. So what did I think of Star Wars: Rogue One? Read my 6 points below to find out.

Also just a disclaimer, this is a spoiler free review. The first 4 points will be spoiler free, but the last two point’s will be spoilers. I will clearly distinguish where spoilers are about to take place.


1. What an amazing story!!!

This is the story about one of the paragraphs in the opening crawl about the small group of rebels that stole the plans to the Death Star. This was an amazing story to be added to the Star Wars movies. Such an iconic thing the Death Star was in the original trilogy, and seeing how the plans were stolen was amazing. This is also an excellent war movie. There is a war taking place while this movie is going on. It really adds a great backstory in the movie, and really adds to many scenes that I won’t spoil. The Rebellion vs The Empire is really portrayed well in this movie and there are some real layers added to both side. Some driving figures behind the Rebellion such as Mon Mothma and Bail Organa are fleshed out much more. Decisions that they make in other movies seem more realistic and understandable now. Even the Death Star and those behind it gets much more backstory and you get to see so much more about this period of time in the Star Wars universe. Great story all-round.


2. Let’s talk about characters shall we?

This movie was going to introduce a whole host of new characters that we have never seen before. They had to be good or the movie would falter as a result. Jyn Erso is actually a character that I had a problem with. She was one of the only ones with backstory, yet I just didn’t really grow an affection towards her. Felicity Jones was pretty good, but I just felt as if this character was missing that something special that we got with Rey and Leia. She was still fine, I just felt there was something big missing from this character. Nobody else got as much backstory as Jyn did, but I felt so much more love for K-2SO and Donnie Yen’s character. These two absolutely stole the show. K-2SO had me cracking up at every moment, and wasn’t just a carbon copy of C-3PO. One of the best original droids ever. Donnie Yen played Chirrut Imwe and was easily one of the most badass Star Wars character’s ever. He opened up a whole different side to the force and really gave it some depth. He had some amazing action scenes also. These two stole the show. Everybody else was quite good and I have no gripes with. Despite a lack of screen time, I really gravitated towards Wen Jiang as Baze Malbus. Diego Luna was excellent in his role in which he got a lot of screentime and he played an important role in the movie. Forrest Whittaker was very good as Saw Gerrera and had some great moments. Mads Mikkelson as Galen Erso was great and showed some great emotional moments. There are many other great performances and characters, but there almost too many too go through individually. Major problems with Jyn, but otherwise there are some great additions to the Star Wars universe.

3. The action was absolutely outstanding.

Some of the best action of any Star Wars movies ever and it really does rival Return of the Jedi. Possibly the best aerial battle scene ever, and there are some crazy action sequences. Donnie Yen kicks some ass and it is amazing. This was true Star Wars action. The scene you seen in the trailers with the Imperial walkers is amazing. I really don’t want to spoil anything because the best action is in the final act of the movie, but there is action the whole way through. This really does feel like a war movie and it is done right. Great heroic and emotional action plays out through the entire movie. I couldn’t praise Gareth Edwards enough in this department. He really delivered here, in what was an area that he struggled to deliver in with Godzilla.


4.  I really want to talk spoilers, so this will be my concluding point, and spoilers in the last two.

Overall, I loved Star Wars: Rogue One. This is a wonderful addition the Star Wars universe and really adds some more layers to A New Hope. There are so many great moments in this movie that are some of the best ever in Star Wars and I will go into some of them in the spoilers section. The whole story is great and the overall war feel of the movie is great. There is a darker tone to this movie and it really feels like Star Wars. It feels realistic but in a Star Wars sense. This is definitely geared towards adults ahead of the children. I had some gripes about characterization, and there really was a lack of character arcs, for almost everybody. Despite this, they do all have their moments and serve their purpose well. K-2SO may well challenge to be my favourite ever droid, and Donnie Yen really was amazing. This is also the best shot Star Wars movie ever. Some of the back-drops are outstanding, and there are some amazing shots all over this movie. The use of light and darkness was very well done also. The score by Michael Giacchino was disappointing. The Star Wars music is a character in itself, but Giacchino’s score simply lacked the personality that John William’s score’s had. There are obviously some exposition scenes, in order to explain to casual fans what is going on, but they are few and far between. Star Wars: Rogue One is a wonderful addition to the Star Wars universe that added some great characters and added some great depth to the original trilogy. I will give Star Wars: Rogue One a 9/10.

Now for spoilers!!

rogue one.jpg

5. These are spoilers…look away now if you don’t want spoilers.

So if you are still reading, you have obviously seen the movie. In this first spoiler point, I am going to talk about the fan service moments and Darth Vader, and in the last point, I will talk about all the character deaths and the final act.

So I personally loved the sporadic use of Vader in this movie. We finally got to see him just absolutely mow people down, in what was one of my favourite scenes in any movie ever. The first scene with Vader, with Krennic was totally necessary and not a throw away scene. We got to see just how intimidating Vader is for all of these people working under him. This also gave the character of Krennic some extra depth and developed his character some more. Then we have the other scene. You all know the one. Holy lord we have been waiting for this scene for years and years. One of the best movie moments ever, seeing the greatest villain of all time just go crazy and mow these people down. This wasn’t the whiny Anakin we were getting, this was Darth mother*cking Vader. This scene will also add more layers to Vader in A New Hope. I really thought that once we seen Vader step through, it would cut. Then the iconic lightsabre sound effect came and we see the dark red shine down Vader’s side, I thought it would cut. Then he slowly walks towards the rebel soldiers and it is amazing. There are a few other fan-service things to talk about here. I loved the C-3PO and R2-D2 cameo, and it didn’t jar the movie. I loved the “I’ve got a bad feeling about this” from K2 being cut short. I loved all the nods to the Star Wars mythology, as they never felt jarring or just plopped in for the sake of being there. I felt that the CGI Tarkin was very necessary and it wasn’t as bad as some are making it out to be. He had to be in this movie, it is some of the best CGI we have ever seen, so shut up and enjoy this menacing character instead of whining about how his eyes looked a slight bit different and how that ruined the movie for you. Just shut up!! Finally there is Leia to talk about. I loved her inclusion at the end, and the last line was amazing for any Star Wars fan. This totally made sense and tied everything together perfectly.

6. Now to talk about how everybody died.

We all kind of knew in our hearts that everybody will die. It makes sense, seen as none of these characters show up in A New Hope. I loved how well executed this was, right in the mist of this huge and epic battle. None of them had stupid deaths such as Boba Fett in Empire Strikes Back, but everybody here died honourably. Even those earlier deaths of Galen and Saw. The final battle was one of the best things I have ever seen. It never got silly and everybody died for the cause. I really felt it when K2 dies and we have never really seen a droid that we know and love get killed like this before. I also loved how well the death of Donnie Yen and his mate Wen Jang was handled. This really is one of my favourite ever Star Wars moments. The shot of Jyn and Cassian together as the devastation from the Death Star wreaked havoc on Scarif was epic. They died in order to save the galaxy and pretty much added a whole new layer to A New Hope. This movie also fixed one of the major problems with A New Hope, in that there just happened to be a fault that can be shot into and destroy the entire Death Star. If you can’t already tell, I loved this movie, despite my minor gripes. As I already stated above, this movie is a 9/10 for me.


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