6 points about Deepwater Horizon

6 points about

Deepwater Horizon

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So Deepwater Horizon came out a couple months and I am only now getting caught up now. This is the biopic of the biggest oil disaster in U.S history, and particularly the story of Mark Wahlberg’s character. Peter Berg directed this one, and he really is hit or miss, but with the right material, he can deliver a good movie. This review is also in the build-up to the next Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg movie, Patriots Day. Before we get into this review, let me tell you guys, this is a heavy movie. Read my 6 points below to find out if I enjoyed Deepwater Horizon.


1. There was a number of very good performances.

Mark Wahlberg is obviously our main guy in this movie, and we are mainly following his point of view of the events. He really delivers in this movie, and as the movie progresses, he is getting deeper and more invested in the events and his character. There is one particular scene towards the end where Wahlberg isn’t even talking, just a great sequence of acting from Wahlberg. Kurt Russell was also heavily involved with the goings on in the ship. This was a typical Kurt Russell performance, and he was excellent as always. To my surprise, John Malkovich was the stand-out performance. I love Wahlberg and Russell, but Malkovich was probably the most interesting character, thanks to his excellent performance. He really conveyed how sly and tight this character is, and surprised me at how good he was.


2. Peter Berg did an excellent job.

As I stated above, Peter Berg is very hit and miss. Yet once he fully grasps the material, he can seriously deliver. Deepwater Horizon is a perfect example of this, as Berg built up serious tension in the lead up the action. He made simple moments seem tense and dangerous, and it was all down to his excellent direction. He used sound perfectly to depict the events and this is easily one of the best sounding movies of the year. He shot the action excellently, and he seemed to know exactly the story he wanted to tell. There was a slight few problems in the first half hour or so, which I will talk about later, but once we got past this it was clear sailing. Definitely one of Berg’s better movies.


3. There was great characterisation

The majority of the major characters were humanized and given realistic and believable backstory’s. This made us care more about what might happen to these characters once the action ensued. Mark Wahlberg’s character is given a large amount of time to build his story up, and this generally done quite well. There was a good atmosphere on the rig before the disaster and it really made me care more about the characters and even the side characters who weren’t given a backstory. This really added to the action sequences and made them more than just big explosions. This brings me on to my next point…


4. The action was excellently executed

Despite coming under the category of a deep biopic, this was also a great visual effects blockbuster. Once the first piece of action came, I just wanted more. You really get a solid grasp of what was going on, and it was more than just big explosions. After a while the fire and constant explosions lost their effect, but the initial 2/3 minute sequence was enthralling. There were some great shots of peoples reaction’s to the initial explosion, and this included some excellent shots. The characters then had to manoeuvre their way through the mayhem and this resulted in some great sequences. The visuals were pretty damn good, and possibly Oscar worthy. Deepwater Horizon really did act as a great blockbuster as well as dramatic biopic, and unfortunately it barely made back its 110 million budget.

5. There was a very slow period in the build up to the action.

This was a major problem in the first half hour or so in the movie and it really was jarring at times. It felt as if Berg knew he had to a build up to the event, which was fair enough, but he really didn’t seem to know where to go with this. His big vision was more for the rig and the action, but the initial build-up on the rig before any disaster was suspected was quite boring. This was easily the movies biggest flaw, and it took a while to get invested into the movie. This is a shame as this may turn people off the movie early on due to their lack of knowledge on inside terminology for oil rigs. I really do encourage everybody to stick through it, as it does get better.


6. Overall, Deepwater Horizon mixes a great dramatic biopic with some excellent blockbuster elements.

This is a solid movie all round. It probably won’t go sweeping clean awards ceremonies, but it is still an excellent story, told very well by Peter Berg. There is some great action and visuals as well as some great sound effects. I highly recommend checking this movie out, as not enough people did. Really good performances by pretty much everybody, and I will give Deepwater Horizon an 8.2/10.


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