6 points about Aliens


6 points about



There are two kinds of people, those who prefer Alien and those who prefer Aliens. You all hopefully read my 6 points about Alien and here is the follow up to that with Aliens. Whether or not I’ll do the crappy sequels is undecided, but let me know what you guys think. So Sigourney Weaver came back to play Ellen Ripley once again, but this time it is James Cameron in the director’s chair. But what were my thoughts on Aliens, and did I prefer it to the original. Read on to find out.


1. Aliens definitely picks up the pace from its predecessor.

Alien was a marvel at slow-building atmospheric tension, and Aliens is a real more action packed and faster paced adventure. The dialogue was faster paced and more witty, and from the very beginning we knew there would be a different tone with this one. This movie seemed to have much bigger consequences in much more action packed scenes. This isn’t to run down the original, as they are two different movies with different tones, trying to accomplish two different end products. Aliens does pack a much more visceral punch and brings the audience on an action packed and thrilling ride, rather than the slow paced tension that had the audience on the edge of their seats in the original. James Cameron has a knack for telling a story through the medium of action packed and thrillingly suspenseful scenes, and is something we seen in his Terminator movies.

2. Sigourney Weaver was absolutely fantastic.

This is easily Weaver’s best ever performance. She fully deserved her obscure action movie Oscar nomination, as she really showed some depth to her character. She never made her relationship with Newt feel cheesy, thanks to her great acting. That whole relationship really worked well, and made total sense given Ripley’s backstory. This relationship also had a great pay-off as well. Weaver demonstrated her wide range of acting talents by putting in a very emotional and action-packed performance, in which she also came across as one of the most bad-ass characters to ever grace our screen. By the end of this movie we are fully invested in this character, and Weaver’s performance played a major part in this.

3. There are so many amazing horror elements and some excellent horrific scenes.

You don’t want to eat your diner while watching this movie, let me tell you that. I don’t think that any scene will come close to that first time we seen the Alien come out of the stomach of a man in the original, but there are certainly a few moments that come close. Of course there are some Alien birth scenes that are just as shocking, but personally I found that the first time we meet the Queen Xenomorph, and we are in with all the eggs to be one of the most grippingly intense horror scenes ever put to film. It was like a car crash, you are sickened by it but can’t stop watching. This was all down to Cameron’s excellent directing, and some excellent production design. These tense scenes are also improved by a wonderful score by the late James Horner, and the sound effects were brilliant and really created some excellent tension.

4. The characters were developed very well.

One of my major praises of the original, is how well Ridley Scott let us know the characters, and how we the viewers really cared about them. James Cameron did the exact same thing in this movie, and you can really see the comradery between the crew and how they almost exiled Ripley at the beginning. This led to some great character arcs and we really cared for these characters by the end of the movie. Once they reached their fate, it had more of an impact. Particularly those characters who let themselves go for the greater good, so to speak. The whole crew had some great back-and-forth, with some great one-liner, which really let all of their personality’s shine. This lightened the mood straight away, and we really got know these character’s, and Cameron let us know exactly how we should be feeling about every character and how our perceptions of them should change throughout the movie.

5. The Xenomorph’s/Aliens were as menacing as ever.

These lifeless creatures are portrayed so well, to be cruel and emotionless, and they really do come across as a serious threat. Their never given any back-story, or sympathizing moments, which is perfect, as the audience shouldn’t ever feel conflicted as to whose side to be on. Cameron makes sure that we feel the hate for these creatures in the same way that the characters do. They do look very good and the effects for them really hold up well today, which can be said for both Alien and Aliens. The visual effects all round are excellent and seriously hold up compared to today’s flicks.  The Xenomorph’s are some of the most iconic and intense antagonists in cinema history and they really are menacing creatures.

6. Overall, this action filled sci-fi/horror adventure is one of the best of these genres ever.

Aliens really is a classic re-watchable movie. I personally prefer this to Ridley Scott’s original effort, but I can understand perfectly those who disagree. This is a real thrill ride with some well put together and never cheesy heartfelt and emotional moments. Everything really holds up excellently today, from the visual effects to Sigourney Weaver’s excellent performance. It is hard not fall in love with almost all of the crew members and their performances will all be remembered as great. I am seriously debating whether or not to give this a perfect score, but screw it, 10/10 for Aliens.


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