6 points about Blade Runner

6 points about

Blade Runner


Blade Runner 2049 comes out net October, and I had initially planned on waiting until then to do 6 points about Blade Runner. But after watching Blade Runner, I decided that I have some things to get off my chest about this movie. I love Harrison Ford, 80s sci-fi, and almost everything about the look of this movie, but did it live up to my expectations? Read my 6 points about Blade Runner below.


1. I was 50/50 on the acting.

There was some good, some bad performances in this movie. To start with good, Rutger Hauer was excellent, and I was always excited when he was on screen. He stole almost every scene he was in, and I thought should have featured in the movie more. Daryl Hannah as Pris was also quite good, and had some interesting scenes. The same compliments paid to Hauer could be given to her also. Everyone else was pretty bad to be honest. Even one of my favourite all-time actors, Harrison Ford was quite poor. He was very one-note, and it came across as if Ford was simply reading from a page in a monotone voice. Ford has said that he didn’t enjoy filming this movie, and it shows. He does look quite uninterested. Everyone else was pretty unspectacular. Nobody had any show-stealing moments like Hauer did, but many of the other supporting actors were supporting and nothing more.


2. This is a great concept, delivered awfully.

This is a really good idea for a thrilling film, but this simply wasn’t it. The first 15 minutes or so looked quite promising, and it looked as if the story was going in a positive direction. This took a major turn for the worst, as the story deviated into needless scenes, and then turned into an awkward romance. This could have been a much better, more exciting story about Harrison Ford catching the replicants, and then having to choose between doing his job and bring in the girl that he is developing a romance with, or let her go. And no before you go crazy in the comments, I am not a Michael Bay fan and all I want is some explosions, and that I can’t handle or comprehend a real story. I am all for a deeper story, with less explosions, that is a real character study. And this is what I do think that Denis Villeneuve is going to do, and he will execute it perfectly. But Ridley Scott made neither an exciting action filled movie, or a deep character study that focuses on the dilemmas of the characters.

3. The screenplay was god-awful.

The dialogue and conversations between characters was as dull as it gets, and this was one of my major problems with one of Scott’s other films, Gladiator. This movie needed good, interesting dialogue, in order to make this supposed deep character study work. Yet it simply didn’t have this good dialogue that it so desperately needed. Mostly, everything was delivered in a very drab way, that despite my best efforts, I couldn’t get invested in this movie. Scott clearly has trouble getting his characters to indulge in a great conversation, and this movie particularly needed it given the lack of action. I have no problem with a movie not having action, but if you have no good characters and an enthralling screenplay, then you should just put in a damn thrilling chase sequence or something.

4. This did become a trudge to sit through.

The second act was pure garbage that tried to become a clever, sci-fi romance. There was a clear lack of chemistry and little to invest in. I enjoyed the first 15-20 minutes as it looked as if we were getting a very interesting movie, with a trademark Harrison Ford performance. There is something else that I did really enjoy, that I will talk about in point 5. Otherwise, I could easily find myself looking at the clock trying to figure how long is left, in what was a movie that I simply couldn’t find a legit reason to invest in. Actually I did enjoy a lot of the first 45 minutes, and I enjoyed the scene with the test of whether or not the person is a replicant. That second act just refused to end, and this movie became a bore.

5. I did really enjoy the final confrontation between Ford and Hauer.

This was what the movie needed more of. If the characters were more fleshed out then maybe this would have been even better. Ford looked to be enjoying himself a bit more, and Hauer was excellent as always. This really saved this movie. Seeing the two characters finally face off was almost a relief to see something exciting happen, and there was some great lines between the characters. When Hauer breaks two of Ford’s fingers, it really shows how good this movie could have been. I don’t want to go to in depth about this, in case some of you haven’t seen Blade Runner yet, but it was easily the best part of the movie.

6. Overall, this movie had some serious potential, but really just fell flat.

I know a lot of people love this movie, and to be honest I didn’t hate it at all. It simply became a trudge to sit through. Too many dull and long scenes and shots dragged this movie down. I am looking forward to the sequel. Any movie with Harrison Ford in it is a luxury, and Ryan Gosling and Denis Villeneuve are on fire right now. The visuals are also quite good in this movie, and even got an Oscar nod. This was good as they did hold up well today, and never felt like cheesy 80s CGI. I know that I am probably going to anger some people with this, but I will say that Blade Runner was pretty average, and I will give it 5.5/10.


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