6 points about Fences.

6 points about



So we are talking about another Oscar contender today, Fences. Denzel Washington stars in, and directs this movie about Denzel raising his family in a working class environment in the 1950s. This movie got two Golden Globes nominations, and is getting some serious Oscar buzz. This movie came out on Christmas Day in the states, and is possibly the least Christmassy movie ever. What family decides to spend the holidays watching a gut-wrenching, emotional Oscar drama. Anyway, let’s get into 6 points about Fences.


1. Denzel Washington gave one hell of a performance.

There is no denying that Fences is one of the best acted movies in a while. Denzel directs this movie, but his performance is the crown jewel. He is a lock for an Oscar nomination, and it looks like a two horse race between him and Casey Affleck for best lead actor. Denzel was in almost every scene in this movie, and that is along time to get so emotionally invested in this movie, and he did just that. There are some scenes where you completely forget that you are watching an actor on a screen, and afterwards you can appreciate then how good he was. There are some very powerful scenes, in which Denzel is really ‘acting’ and you can tell he is going for the Oscar, but they all really make sense given his character and the story going on. He never goes over the top often, and when he does, it is in the right place at the right time. It would be a travesty not to mention the other performances, so that will be the discussion in point 2.

2. Everybody else was amazing.

Viola Davis will almost definitely win best supporting actress at the upcoming Globes and Oscar’s. She was excellent in this movie, and offered some great points of view about what was going on, which we wouldn’t have got had she not have been so good. Davis is a well renowned actress by now, and this movie only further proves why she is one of the best around. Many of the actors who were in the play version, carried their roles onto the big screen, and it showed, as everyone seemed quite comfortable in their roles. Stephen Henderson played Denzel’s character’s best friend, and he almost offered as the comic relief at times, and he looked assured in his role. Jovan Adepo clearly was green in comparison to Denzel and Viola, but he put in a solid performance, and is certainly a name to keep an eye out for. It really is one of the best acted movies that I have seen a while.

3. The screenplay was amazing.

If any movie ever needed an amazing screenplay, it was this one. This is a play turned movie that many considered un-filmable. This was proved wrong, but the dialogue had to fast, interesting and well-acted in order for such long sequences of conversation to work. There was just a few different settings, and there wasn’t even too many scenes. They were long conversations between characters, and fortunately it was always interesting. There was always a sense of tension, and the feeling that things could explode at any minute. One minute you are laughing along with the characters, and the next, you are shocked at some serious shit that just went down. You have to praise the screenplay, just as much as the great performances, simply because this could have been the worst movie of the year with a boring screenplay.

4. The characters were all established excellently and were very interesting.

The dialogue and performances could be great, but if I didn’t care about the characters and what they are arguing or laughing about. Denzel Washington’s character was initially coming across as a good family man, who is simply trying to provide, but as the movie goes on, we begin to see that he might not be the greatest guy. he has some amazing moments, and the scene where he is telling his son that he doesn’t need to love him that was in the trailer, was just as good in the finished project. Denzel’s son in the movie, has some great character moments, particularly when he finally stands up with to his father, which he was hinting at doing as the movie progressed. These character arcs were a major characteristic of this movie, and given that this movie didn’t really have a set plot, it needed good character stories.

5. The themes dealt with in Fences were quite heavy and relatable.

Many important themes such as money, family, and sub-themes in these kinds of categories were dealt with heavily. Family was very heavily dealt with in this movie, and made the movie more interesting as a whole. Money was an important thing for Denzel, and he talked a lot about how didn’t have a lot. He seemed embarrassed by this lack of movie, and this also added to his overall character. Baseball was used as a medium for conveying feelings, as well as that baseball on the string tied to the tree. This was used as a way for the audience to see just how the characters are feeling, simply by their use of this baseball. This was an interesting concept of a way to tell a story, deal with different themes and help us understand the characters at hand much better.

6. Overall, Fences is a well put together movie that is driven by its fantastic performances.

I don’t think that this movie was perfect. Sometimes, it came across as a play too much, and forgot that it is also trying to tell a cinematic story. This really is driven by the Denzel Washington and Viola Davis performance. I do think that the will pick their respective Oscars that they are in the running. I also think that this movie will get a nod for adapted screenplay. This was a powerful movie that I probably won’t watch every day, but I would totally recommend you watch this movie. Don’t get thrown off by people saying it’s just long conversations, as they are thoroughly entertaining and well put together. I will give Fences a 9.25/10.


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