6 points about Sing Street


6 points about

Sing Street


So, Sing Street takes place in my homeland of Ireland, so I guess this sort of makes sense that I talk about Sing Street. Sing Street is about this guy in 1980s Dublin who makes a band to get the girl. This movie got a best comedy/musical nomination at the Globes, as well as best song. So with a slight bit of Oscar buzz surrounding this movie, it gives us another reason to talk about it. Did I think that Sing Street lived up to the hype? Read my 6 points about Sing Street below.


1. This movie depicts Ireland perfectly.

Ok, maybe not to the extent that the movie suggests, but this movie is pretty damn accurate in its depiction of Ireland. I’m quite qualified to give my opinion on this, given that I have lived here my entire life. And let me say, that this movie gave so many hilarious nods to both Irish culture, and the general life and ideology of an Irish person. Even the deeper, less funny issues that this movie deals with, depicts the state of Ireland. This movie really did hit the nail on the head with its depiction of Irish life, particularly as a teenager. Even the general movements and the way each character acts are extremely realistic to what Irish people are like. Again, it’s not to the extent that this movie sometimes suggests, and it does go over the top sometimes, but it does have Irish life down to a tee.

2. The performances were all excellent.

Sometimes, in a movie with a large majority of the cast being quite young, you can get a couple of cheesy performances. This was never a problem for Sing Street, as everybody played their part excellent. The main character, Cosmo, could have been a clichéd and cheesy character, but Ferdia Walsh-Peelo put in a fantastic debut performance and led the line excellently. The band were all very good, and had some extremely funny moments, especially in the back-and-forth between the band members. I really felt that Cosmo’s brother stole the whole show, and his scenes had the best dialogue. He built the story of the movie, and back-story of Cosmo, which also had a great emotional pay-off at the end. The actors name was Jack Reynor, and I definitely would like to see more from this guy in the future.

3. The music was great.

It would be a major travesty if ‘Drive it like you stole it’ doesn’t win best song at the Oscars. The music was generally quite good, and the music videos that they were trying to shoot were very funny. This is a great soundtrack just to listen to while in the car, and it was generally uplifting. Sometimes, I felt as if that some story building or character building could have taken place instead of another song, but this was only on one or two occasions. The songs usually worked and fit in with the story very well, bar one or two times when I was thinking “Really, another song?”. Perhaps I am nit-picking, but overall the music was excellent.

4. The character arcs and character back-story’s were actually very deep and well done.

Many darker issues are explored in this movie are general problems in Ireland. The family issues, drugs, alcohol, bullying, general society. These are dealt with excellently, and without making light of the situation, but still keeping a general not depressing tone. Serious issues like these are problems in Ireland, but us Irish tend to be optimists and go on as if everything is grand. This was common in the movie, and was actually quite prominent. The way that these issues were dealt with in the movie, gave it a more of a serious feel, rather than it just being happy sing-a-long. This also gave people a reason to relate to the movie, as almost everybody has experienced at least one of the issues at hand in the movie.

5. The story is one that we have seen before.

Sing Street didn’t break new ground in the story telling department. I really do hate to try and find negatives in Sing Street, but this was a glaring one. It didn’t detract too much from the overall product, and I don’t think that it could have been changed. But still, the romantic side of this movie, is one that you have seen before, and that you will see many times again. These scenes felt unoriginal, and despite sometimes hitting the feels, they really felt like something that we have seen a million times over. While the setting of Ireland is one we haven’t seen before, and the darker themes lurking in the background aren’t always present in a romance story, Sing Street can still sometimes be a by the numbers love story.

6. Overall, Sing Street is a fun movie that deals with some deeper issues in an excellent.

Someone I didn’t mention at all yet, is director John Carney. He did a very good job with this movie, and he clearly has a passion for making musical movie. I look forward to his future projects. I did really enjoy this movie, and you will be singing along with the soundtrack for weeks after. This movie will win best song at both the Globes and Oscars. I doubt that it will get nominated anywhere else at the Oscars, but is up for best comedy/musical at the Globes. But with heavyweight competition in La La Land, and Deadpool, it is quite a long shot. I highly recommend watching Sing Street, and will give it an 8.5/10.


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