6 points about Patriots Day

6 points about

Patriots Day


So today we are talking about the second movie this year that is a Peter Berg/Mark Wahlberg collaboration that is based on recent tragic events. The first was Deepwater Horizon, which was about an oil rig disaster that happened quite recently. And that is a movie that I really enjoyed, and make sure to check out my 6 points about it. But this movie is based on the Boston marathon bombings that occurred tragically in 2013. Unlike, with Deepwater Horizon, I had some idea of these events, but I wasn’t really too knowledgeable about the subject matter. Whether or not that added or took away from my overall enjoyment of this movie, I’m not sure, but read my 6 points below to see my thoughts on Patriots Day.


1. To start off, the entire cast was amazing.

Patriots day has a lot of big names in the cast list. Mark Wahlberg was amazing as the lead, and he had a few very excellent scenes. I feel that this was a better performance than his one in Deepwater Horizon. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much Oscar buzz surrounding this movie, and it’s a shame as Wahlberg was great. Kevin Bacon is another victim of this movies lack of awards, as he was excellent as the high up FBI agent. He really let you see his characters point of view, and didn’t play the standard stuck up personality that people in high positions so often do in movies. John Goodman and J.K Simmons are also in this movie, and while neither of them have a huge amount of screen time, they both have something about them that makes every scene that they are in so much better. The two guys who play the terrorists in this movie are pretty good as well, and their back and forth both vile and enthralling. There was man other lesser known side characters in this movie that all played their part, but really this movie was a great cast ensemble movie. In which, everybody played their part and played it to perfection.

2. The mix between thriller and drama was brilliantly executed.

Peter Berg seems to be excellent at doing this. The same could be said about Deepwater Horizon, in that the mix between action filled parts, and emotional dramatic parts is excellent. The action and thrilling elements to the movie never feel over the top, and give the movie a realistic gritty feel. The dramatic moments are very much needed, and give the movie more weight. Yet the movie never gets too bogged down with emotion and doesn’t get boring. That was totally necessary for this movie, and Deepwater Horizon, and Peter Berg seems to have found a working formula, that he should stick to.

3. The story was gripping and intense.

The movie starts with some backstory to both Mark Wahlberg, and just random people who were affected by the bombings. This was given the right amount of screen time and also gave the events a humanistic feel. Berg depicted the events in both a respectful and entertaining way, which is a hard task given how recent the events were. He gave the movie a lot of different elements, not relying anything. For example, he didn’t rely on a thrilling Wahlberg performance, or intense action scenes, or dramatic emotional moments. He intertwined all of these elements and gave the movie a fresh feel. I honestly never was checking to see how long was left, or wondering when this scene will end. The pacing was exquisite. Berg left a lot to the audience as well, and you were left thinking and feeling as if you were in the movie yourself.

4. The characters were excellent.

As I said somewhere above, the characters and the movie were given a humanistic feel. Even the antagonists in the movie, are shown as humans, but as vile humans. The best movie villains are the ones that genuinely think that they are right. Berg handles these guys excellently, in giving them human characteristics, but still portrays them as disgusting people. All the good guys are given these human characteristics, but in a good light. We don’t get bogged down with Wahlberg’s characters backstory, but we git bits and pieces of it, that we can piece together and make us care about him. The other characters aren’t given as much backstory, but it isn’t needed as the general conflict between them and there interactions are all that we need in order for us to care about them. Seeing how these people are individually dealing with and how they are affected by the bombings is very different, making the movie far more interesting. Every character feels like a real person and it never feels like you are watching a movie. Big props have to go to Berg for this, who handled this movie with a lot of class


  1. Patriots Day told a very necessary story.

Some people might argue that this movie is too soon, and didn’t really need to be made, which I totally get. But I really feel like this movie had to be made, in order to tell the story of some of the unsung heroes in capturing these terrorists. The movie doesn’t constantly focus on Wahlberg’s character, it focuses on the events of the marathon, and the days following during the man hunt. It just so happens that Wahlberg’s character plays an important role in all of this. SO many untold stories are told, that are given light in this movie. You really get a behind the scenes look at what went down during this event. Otherwise, many people wouldn’t know about what happened while all this happened.

6. Overall, this is an elegantly executed movie, that told a fantastic and thrilling story.

Peter Berg probably won’t get nominated, but I really feel that he should. He handled this movie excellently, in giving every character a humanistic feel, and telling the story in a way that is all of horrifying, gripping and entertaining. This was obviously a touchy subject, and it was handled with great care, and also so that it translated to the big screen very well. I can’t wait to see what Berg and Wahlberg do together next. I also urge everybody to go out and see this movie, as it is getting a wide release this weekend. I will give Patriots Day a 9.5/10.


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