6 points about The Edge of Seventeen

6 points about

The Edge of Seventeen


A lot of people were talking about how great this movie is, but absolutely nobody seems to have actually seen it. I got the chance to give it a watch, and despite it getting 0 Oscar nominations, I was looking forward to watching a light-hearted comedy. Also Hailee Steinfeld, the girl from True Grit, is the lead. She was great in that, so seeing more from her is obviously something to get me hyped. But did The Edge of Seventeen live up to my expectations? Read my 6 points below.

1. The entire cast really was great.

As I said above, Hailee Steinfeld is the lead girl in this movie, and she was genuinely amazing. Sometimes when people say somebody was good in a comedy, they really had a few jokes land, but Steinfeld was really amazing. She had some amazing moments all throughout this movie, portraying this character perfectly. Her comedic timing was fantastic, and she turned very emotional just when the movie called for it. Woody Harrelson plays a hilarious character. He gave a typical Woody Harrelson performance, and while he wasn’t really in this movie that much, his scenes were the most memorable. Everybody else was also really good, which isn’t always typical of a supporting cast in a comedy, but there was no weak link. One of the girls from Split was decent, and so way Steinfeld’s brother in the movie, whose name I am not bothered to look up, but he should know, he was pretty good in this movie.

2. The screenplay was excellent!

Usually the screenplay category at the Oscars is where smaller quirky movies pick up a nomination, but not this one. It was genuinely hilarious, and fully deserved at least one nod. It was such a cleverly done screenplay that had a great story behind it. It doesn’t break new ground from a story-telling perspective, but tells its story in such a unique way that it feels fresh and never seen before. There was some nice sub-plots going on, that keep the main story fresh, and these all are so interesting to see on-screen. You become so invested in almost every character that you begin to believe that you know them yourself. This was all down to The Edge of Seventeen’s great screenplay.

3. The movie didn’t rely on silly toilet humour.

This is a genuine comedy movie. It pains me to see that more people went out to see Office Christmas Party. To be honest, I am a bit of a sucker for silly, toilet-humour comedy’s, but for god’s sake enough is enough. This movie really was realistic in its comedy, and there was no annoying character, or plopped in sex joke, just because the writers were stuck for a joke. This movie was real comedy, funny, realistic situations played out, in a clever way. There was no childish slapstick, and the situations in the movie felt like they could happen to anybody. While perhaps not the most quotable movie just yet, it had far funnier overall scenes, instead of just one funny line, something that so many comedies try to do. I laughed quite a fair amount while watching this movie, without there being a stupid dick joke.

4. This movie is relatable for literally everybody!!

When you see the synopsis for this movie, you may think that it will only resonate with the teenage girls. But you are widely mistaken. This movie is literally relatable for everybody. If you went to school, then this movie will hit you hard. If you are a mother this movie will hit you hard. If you have siblings this movie will hit you hard. This movie depicts life itself brilliantly, through a coming-of-age tale with Hailee Steinfeld. So many situations that you may have found yourself in the past, are played out hilariously. So many situations that you may find yourself in the present are played out hilariously. You can’t help but love The Edge of Seventeen for this relatable factor that it brings.

5. The Edge of Seventeen really pulls on the heart strings.

It plucks those heart strings far more than I was expecting. If you didn’t shed a couple of tears at certain moments in this movie, then are you really human? You get so invested in these characters that if anything happens to them, you are crying with the. There is one particular moment at the very start of this movie that makes you immediately swell up. Don’t let this put you off watching, as for the most part, the movie has quite a happy tone. But there are some very emotional, and excellently executed might I add, moments in this movie that will make you swell up, just a little bit.

6. Overall, The Edge of Seventeen is my favourite comedy of 2016.

When talking about comedies in 2016, The Edge of Seventeen is a diamond in the rough. No movie this year made me laugh as much, and care for characters as much as I did. I didn’t think I would be giving such a high rating, but I will give The Edge of Seventeen a 9.5/10.


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