6 points about Hidden Figures

6 points about

Hidden Figures


There are a bunch of movies that I need to catch up on, and this is just one of many. Hidden Figures has been storming the U.S box office in recent weeks, and received 3 Oscar nods, including best picture. It also won best cast ensemble at the SAG awards the other night, which is basically their equivalent of best picture. That really puts Hidden Figures up there as a dark-horse in the Oscar race. Hidden Figures is about three black women during the space race time period in America, who pretty much helped get a man into space. This is a story that was never really told before, but I guess this is it being told. There is a huge amount of talented people involved with this project, so I was quite excited to see it. But did it live up to my expectations? Read my 6 points about Hidden Figures below.


1. The entire cast was great.

I can’t fault a single performance in this movie. The main trio of Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monae were all just as good as each other, making it hard to pick a stand-out. Spencer got a supporting actress nod for the Oscars, and the other two should consider themselves unlucky not to pluck a nomination. Kevin Costner played my favourite character in the entire movie to perfection. Costner put in what I think is the most under-rated performance of the year, along with Vince Vaughn in Hacksaw Ridge. Jim Parsons had a pretty significant role in this movie, much bigger than I thought. Initially it was hard not to see Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, given how distinct a personality he has, and how well Parsons plays him. But after a while, I grew into the character and it was also a great performance by Parsons. Hidden Figures won best cast ensemble at the SAG awards recently, and that is fully deserving, given how diverse this cast was, and I didn’t even get to mention everybody in this movie.

2. There were a lot of characters in this movie, but all were dealt with perfectly.

As I was writing the first point about the cast, I had to leave out so many people, because it simply would have been too long. That should give an indication of the amount of people that were in this movie. Seen as it was a true story, they filmmakers couldn’t just leave somebody out. They had to include everybody, and they designated a perfect amount of screen-time to each character that was necessary for each character. There was no boring back—story for any character, and straight away from the word go, you could get a grasp of the personality of each character. I felt like I knew each character personally after the movie finished, and the director did this wonderful true story justice.

3. Hidden Figures depicted society at the time perfectly, without shoving it into your face.

Sometimes it feels as if all the filmmakers wanted to get across was “Hey look, white people used to be really bad”, and forget that they have an interesting story to tell as well. There were so many simple moments that showed how society was divided, and how tough it was for some people. There were so many subtle moments that simply showed how life was for these black women. This needed to be shown in order to pay the original true story justice, and it was done to perfection. There was some excellently executed camera shots, and wonderful cinematography, that showed this division with one simple shot. You have to give huge props to director Theodore Melfi for his great work on this movie.

4. There was a great tone to this movie.

There was a nice, realistic feel to this movie. It felt fun, and easy to watch, which is what it needed to be. But again, it is Theodore Melfi who gave this movie a nice feel. It was a feel-good and heart-warming story that was told in a way that makes this movie very re-watchable. It felt fun, and when the characters were having fun, so was I and probably the rest of the audience. Yet, when things had to get serious, it was fitting for the story, and was executed very well.

5. There was something about this story that just didn’t grip me the way I wanted it to.

Don’t get me wrong, this is an inspirational story, and one that everybody should hear. But after a while, it just didn’t seem as interesting. It became almost predictable. Usually with really good biopics, I want to investigate more about these lives I just saw unfold, but with this movie and with these characters, I just didn’t really want to know more. I wasn’t invested enough in their story. To be honest I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there was just something that didn’t sit right with this movie. I have done my best to break what I think it was, but I really can’t 100% wrap my head around it.

6. Overall, Hidden Figures is a well-acted, important story that you should definitely get out and see.

 I do recommend getting out and seeing an important movie like this, instead of seeing something like Rings this weekend. Hidden Figures has already stormed the U.S box office, and was even the movie to de-throne Rogue One. I am glad that people are going to see this movie. It is also garnering up some serious Oscar buzz, and should only gain momentum in the coming weeks. I will rate Hidden Figures 8/10.


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