6 points about The Lego Batman Movie

6 points about

The Lego Batman Movie


So, DC has struggled a lot recently with their DCEU, and just can’t seem to figure out how to make it work. Yet somehow, movies based on f*cking Lego’s with the same characters are getting everything right. The Lego Movie is one of my favourite animated movies ever, and that version of Batman was hilarious. Add that in with the hilarious trailers, I had many reasons to be excited for this movie. Read my 6 points below about The Lego Batman Movie.


1. The entire voice cast was brilliant.

Will Arnett is just brilliant as the voice of Batman. The third best Big-Screen Batman ever, in my opinion anyway. His comedic timing and delivery of lines was hilarious. Zach Galifianakis offered his voice as The Joker, and he also, was hilarious. To be perfectly honest, not one person was mis-cast or annoying in their role. Everyone had all of what I praised Will Arnett above. Ralph Fiennes as Alfred, Michael Cera as Robin and Rosario Dawson as Batgirl were all fantastic supporting characters. They all out-shone each other, and hall had their memorable moments.

2. Lego Batman was straight up hilarious.

The Lego Movies are mainly comedy movies. If a comedy movie isn’t funny, then it’s not a good movie. Lego Batman is more of a spoof movie more than anything else, and is probably the best modern spoof movie around. Lego Batman particularly went after superhero movies, and there was some great lines of characters just purely making fun of modern superhero movies. And I absolutely loved it. Somehow it managed to be a superhero movie, while also just ripping this genre apart. This was the main source of humour that worked for me, given my love for the genre. A lot of the rest of the humour in the movie felt a bit childish, which has to be expected in an animated family movie.

3. The story was actually a really good Batman story.

There was unfortunately something that held the story and the movie in general back, which I will discuss more in the following point. But overall, this was a great Batman story. Every character was used perfectly. The Joker’s obsession over Batman, and how Batman rejected the idea was such a creative plot element that was both interesting and hilarious. Lego Batman was really a fun family adventure that is a crazily over-the-top kind of story, yet still managed to have some heart. It didn’t pave the way story-wise for movies in general, but certainly offered those attempting to make a good spoof movie, or a good animated movie how to do it.

4. The movies major fault was that it was a spoof.

This may sound hypocritical, but hear me out. I loved the spoof elements in this movie, and it was hilarious seeing somebody actually take some hits at modern cinema. But I really feel like if the filmmakers weren’t so concentrated on poking fun at other movies, then this would have been better than the original Lego Movie. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t as good. The story was strong enough to make a great animated movie, without having to rely on making fun of the other Batman movies. Again I reiterate, I prefer the risky spoof movie, that isn’t exactly as good as it could be, but paved the way for future spoof movies. But I still think that the movie would have been better had more focus been on the story and not past movies.

5. Lego Batman had so much energy.

This movie had so much going on. The jokes were coming at 100 miles per hour. Sometimes it became a bit hard to keep up with, but overall, this movie needed a lot of energy. It will keep the kids entertained and invested in the movie, and while it might irritate a few adults, there is enough to keep them enjoying the movie. Like the Lego Movie, Lego Batman was just a lot of fun, and has quite a bit of heart. Lego Batman does go for more fun than heart, and didn’t have the tear-jerking moment that The Lego Movie had in the end, but it still had its heart-warming moments.

6. Overall, The Lego Batman Movie was a fast paced, hilarious movie.

The Lego Batman Movie won’t be in the best animated movie list of all time. It still was a hell of a lot of fun that you should definitely check out. As I have previously stated, the original Lego Movie was a good bit better, but this movie only excited me more for the future Lego instalments. This movie made sense, as Batman was the best part of the Lego Movie, and this shows how the guys behind this franchise have their heads screwed on. I will rate the Lego Batman Movie 7.75/10.


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