6 points about Logan

6 points about



I apologise for my inactivity recently. Long story short, life got in the way. But nothing was going to get in the way of me seeing, and writing about Logan. Based on the Old Man Logan comic book series, Logan is old and his, as well as Professor X’s powers are deteriorating. They aren’t the bustling and energetic mutants they once were back twenty years ago in Days of Future Past. The first trailer with the Johnny Cash song playing in the background was one of the best trailers I have ever seen, and I am a huge X-Men fan, so obviously I was extremely excited to see this movie. The X-Men movies are rather hit and miss and I didn’t like either of the previous stand-alone Wolverine adventures. But did I like this one? Read my 6 points about Logan below.


1. The acting was absolutely outstanding.

Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman gave the best comic book movie performances since Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight. Both of them were totally Oscar worthy. This really was a perfect swan-song for the two, in their supposed final outings in their so iconic roles. Hugh Jackman went all out, and it paid off. We got some great, almost typical Hugh Jackman as Wolverine moments, but he really stepped it up a level for this one. The exact same could be said for Patrick Stewart. It’s not as if they carried the movie either. The little girl was really not annoying, which is always great for a kid actor. Her facial expressions were fantastic and she looked at home with some A-list actors. Stephen Merchant plays a different role than he might be used to, but he totally nailed it. He will probably lose some limelight thanks to Jackman and Stewart but he does deserve heaps of praise. I can’t remember the name of the dude who played the villain, but he was pretty good as well. To sum up, if Jackman and Stewart, and hey why not Merchant, don’t get awards recognition, then I will have lost every ounce of respect for the Academy. And I genuinely mean that. This will really show what the Academy are made of.

2. This is the Wolverine story that we have been calling for!!!

The story is so simple and grounded. Such a departure from typical comic book movies.  I can’t praise how well James Mangold handled this story, and how brilliantly the story was delivered. This story was the Wolverine that has been trying to get out from the PG-13 Wolverine for so long. This was less focused on extravagant visuals, and more focused on the characters. The characters arc of Logan was the main focus, and it was so refreshing. The characters were so strong, and their dynamics together was wonderful to watch. Seeing how Logan really has nothing other than Charles Xavier, and after a while this little girl, or X-23 for us nerds. Even the story arc about the kids, which I won’t spoil, but when you see it you will know, worked brilliantly and fit in with the rest of the movie very well.

3. The action was excellent.

Yet another aspect that I can’t praise enough. The opening scene alone was one of the best action scenes in an X-Men movie yet.  There were some fantastic action scenes that fit perfectly in with the movie. The violence was pretty extreme throughout, and there were genuinely some pure awesome scenes. The one in the casino that I won’t spoil, but holy lord it was one of the best scenes that I have seen in a long time. It’s right up there with the Darth Vader scene in Rogue One. Yeah, it was that good. To be honest there was tons of amazing action scenes, another in particular, that involved X-23 and Wolverine near the end that was again just fantastic.

4. There was no drop or boring part of the movie

Typically, most movies take a dive, or at least have some minor pacing problems. I can’t see where that would be in this movie. There is one part maybe, but even thinking about it, it served its purpose perfectly and didn’t slow the movie down. I will talk spoilers in the last point and if I remember I will say what I was talking about there. James Mangold deserves a huge pat on the back and some major recognition for how he put together this story. He clearly was given a large amount of freedom, and this was necessary to make this movie work. The movie wasn’t concerned with building a larger universe or having other characters cameo. They could easily have put Magneto in a small cameo or have Deadpool show up in the background of a scene, but they didn’t. That would have taken away from the film’s primary concern, the characters on show. They had the perfect mix of giving everyone as much screentime as they needed.

5. I will talk spoilers in point 6, so here is my summary and rating.

To be perfectly honest, this movie was a masterpiece. If it doesn’t get awards consideration, then I will riot. Logan was y far the best X-Men movie and the second best comic-book movie of all time, after The Dark Knight. I hope they leave these characters as they are, at least Wolverine and Professor X. This was the perfect swan song for the two massively iconic characters. I will go ahead and rate Logan 10/10.

6. Spoilers below!!! Please look away if you haven’t seen Logan yet.

I tried not to spoil the movie above, as the trailers didn’t really give away much about the story, and I didn’t know much about the story going in, and it totally added to my enjoyment of the movie. So everyone else deserves that chance. I just wanted to give my quick thoughts on the ending and the big talking points. It’s hard to believe that he is actually gone. Wolverine died in the most fitting possible way. His younger self came back to haunt him, in what was both a great action scene, and a wonderful very deep metaphor for the character of Logan. There was hints of Professor X having killed all the other X-Men with his seizures which is something that I found to be very interesting, and I would like to see it be hinted at more in future movies. Of course he also dies, in an absolutely heart wrenching scene, that is even bringing tears to my eyes as I think about. Something that I didn’t mention above, is how emotional, and heart breaking this movie was. Even Laura turning the cross in an X as the last shot in the movie was when it really hit me that this character that I have grown up with is now dead. Few movies make you this sad, yet have had such an amazing time watching it. I also would like to give a quick mention of Caliban’s death, as it was a turning point in the movie, and he will probably be a very un-talked about character.


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