6 points about Prometheus

6 points about



I have already reviewed Alien and Aliens, so today I have decided to continue my series of 6 points about movies within the Alien universe, by talking about Prometheus. Oh, and also, a little movie by the mane of Alien: Covenant is coming out, so this review seems to make sense. Most of the public and critics have obviously had their opinion on Prometheus, and it seems to be generally mixed, yet more leaning on the positive side. Many seemed baffled by the lack of links to the original Alien, and wanted this to be a direct prequel, and not more of a standalone story. Read my 6 points below on Prometheus.


 The cast was very mixed, so I am splitting this in two, the good and the bad.

1. The good 

Some were great, some….not so great. Let’s start with the great and talk about Michael Fassbender. He was absolutely outstanding in his performance as an android. I honestly couldn’t think of anybody better than Fassbender to play this character, and he proper nailed. His character was somehow the most interesting in the entire movie, despite being a bloody robot. Fassbender easily gave the best performance in the film, and I can’t wait to see him again come Alien: Covenant. Idris Elba was excellent as well, and he offered a very different performance to what everyone else in the film was giving. He seemed more laid-back, and fully at comfort in his role…unlike some. I have to give a shout-out to Charlize Theron as well, as she played the sort-of protagonist but not the main one, excellently. These three did an excellent job at elevating the movie.

2. Now for the bad….

It was all fine and dandy in the acting and characters department. Noomi Rapace was very unlikeable, despite the fact that we are meant to be rooting for her. I just had no connection to the character, just like every other actor on screen. I found her character to be boring, and I simply couldn’t care less about what happened to her. Her scenes were far less riveting than those of Fassbender or Theron. Another dull performance was her love interest in the movie, the Tom Hardy look-alike himself, Logan Marshall Green. I had to look that name up, I didn’t care enough to remember his name. He was as dull and lifeless as his counterpart Rapace. He had little to no chemistry with anybody else in the movie, and he struggled to keep up. Again, I just didn’t care enough about his character to become invested in his story. A real shame that out two supposed main characters let Ridley Scott down. Perhaps I am being a bit too harsh, but they simply weren’t up to today’s high standard.

3. The movie was almost always unbelievably intense.

I say almost because there was a few, clichéd Sci-fi/horror scenes where some of our characters were just being plain stupid and end up meeting their demise because of their plain stupidity. There was one or two of these scenes that just make you lose faith in humanity, if that were to ever happen. The writing was just a bit lazy here, and he writers just couldn’t make their way around the scene, and this thing needed to happen to advance the story so they took the easy option. Other than that, this was a very intense movie. The Engineers as they are called in this movie, looked pretty menacing, and they were portrayed excellently throughout the movie. The birth scene, which I won’t spoil in case you somehow haven’t seen the movie yet, but oh my god this was the Aliens franchise at its absolute finest. A thorough mix of horror and science fiction. I could barely watch this scene, and it was just so damn intense. There was a few scenes like that, even some character building scenes, mostly involving Fassbender, that were very intense and you could feel the tension building.

4. Prometheus is a visual masterpiece.

Some complained about poor lighting, but you can’t have a movie like this lit up like hell. It would take away from the not knowing what’s ahead of you feeling that you get. Even though this was made 5 years ago, the visuals still hold up as some of the best today. The ships all looked so menacing and just pretty damn well great. All the Aliens looked very real, except maybe one, but they didn’t really look over the top and very campy. They were genuinely scary creatures that made never want to visit space. The sound of this movie even sounded gripping and scary, and props to Ridley Scott for giving the movie this intense and gripping feel. This movie is a visual accomplishment, and even those who hated the movie, have to at least admit that it was just visually astounding.

5. As I sometimes do, I want to talk spoilers in point 6, so I will summarise here instead.

Overall, I actually really enjoyed Prometheus. If you take away any of your Alien expectations, then it’s a wonderful science fiction movie. It blended in that horror genre that is so typical of Alien movies, perfectly. I have to give huge praise to Ridley Scott for making this movie, as most of the negatives in this movie are things that he couldn’t really do much about them. A lot of people hated this movie and a lot loved, or at least really liked, this movie. I am in the latter category. I will give Prometheus an 8.5/10.

6. Spoiler talk now!! Look away now if you haven’t seen Prometheus yet.

You probably have seen Prometheus, but just a spoiler warning in case you haven’t. Anyway, I really liked the ending for the movie. I thought it set us up perfectly for Alien Covenant. Many thought the Idris Elba characters death was a bit unrealistic. I found it to be perfect for his character. What he done was his character personified, with his almost careless attitude, yet he really he does care. He is the best meaning character in the entire movie, and was the least stupid. Perhaps that’s why I felt an affinity towards this character, he felt the most human. I am delighted to see the adventure continue with Fassbender’s android. I can’t wait to see what he manages to get up to in the sequel, and see how this very interesting character develops. Despite my hatred for the Rapace’s character and cold performance, I thought this ending made sense from a storytelling point of view, and hopefully she has grown a little bit since 2012. Now, to talk about that very final scene, with the first Xenomorph. I felt that this is the perfect set up for a trilogy.  You can’t expect everything to be just crammed into one movie, in what is a very deep story. I personally loved the few connections we got, and it was executed perfectly by Ridley Scott.


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