The Last Jedi trailer reaction and analysis.

My thoughts/reaction to The Last Jedi trailer.

So, yesterday at Star Wars celebration, Rian Johnson gave us our first look at The Last Jedi. This movie has been hidden away in secrecy, and many of the main actors have said that it would be so much better if there were no trailers for this movie. But, obviously, Disney wants this movie to break all kinds of box office records, so there is going to be a couple trailers. This is a trailer with a lot of hidden factors, and takes a few viewing’s to fully get to grips with what is going on.
I have a couple of theories and Easter Eggs that I have noticed and that I want to share with you guys, as well as my overall thoughts.
On first viewing of the trailer, I admit to being a bit underwhelmed. I was watching the live stream from celebration, and was so damn excited for it. I was also one of the first people on the Earth to watch the trailer, so my initial reaction couldn’t be swayed by endless opinions on Twitter and YouTube. I think I was expecting too much. I was glad that this trailer didn’t spoil anything like the Spider-Man Homecoming trailer, and I was excited by all the cool looking shots e.g. the ships that fart red stuff. My way of explaining it is as so: My excitement for this movie was already through the roof. I should’ve realised that a trailer won’t have a huge effect on my excitement level, because it can’t possibly get any higher. I was expecting something as awesome as the recent Thor trailer, which is a movie I was excited for, but the trailer put my excitement through the roof. This is a level that I had already reached with The Last Jedi, meaning that anything I did see would only let me down a tinch.

That was only my first viewing experience. Each time that I watch this trailer, I begin to realise just how awesome it actually is. I love it now, and to my surprise, I have done something that I thought was impossible, and my excitement for this movie has gotten to a whole new level.
I am going to break down a few parts of the trailer that I feel needs to be discussed.
We open with darkness, in what looks like space, we then see stars. This immediately puts us in the world of Star Wars, and also foreshadows of how the darkness will play a part in the movie. We then see Rey’s hand, as she pants. Some think that this is after some hard-core Jedi training with Luke, but I think that Rey is just after coming out of talking to some force ghosts, and was having another similar to the vision she had in The Force Awakens, and also similar to the one that Luke had of Vader in Empire. Perhaps Yoda or Obi-Wan was showing her something, or she was tempted by the dark side.


We then see some cool shots of the island off of my home country of Ireland, with Luke narrating, saying “breathe, just breathe” and then “now reach out, what do you see”. Nothing too exciting here, this really just confirms that Luke does decide to train Rey, or Luke guiding Rey through a vision or something.
We then cut to a shot of Leia and she had a big map hologram in front of her. Perhaps she has now lost Rey, and needs to try and find both Rey and Luke. It also is really just confirming the presence of Leia and Carrie Fischer in the movie.

Rey then is heard saying “Light, darkness, the balance.” This could be Rey answering Luke’s question of what did you see. When Rey says darkness, the music’s tone changed and we get a glimpse of Kylo Ren’s smashed helmet, which is well edited and very interesting. We also get a shot of some big tree with some books, and then a shot of one of those books with the Jedi symbol. This is probably just Rey reading up on some books as part of her training.

Then we cut to my favourite shot of the entire trailer. Rey is training with a lightsabre, as Luke watches on. If you look closely at the structure behind Rey, just on top of it, there is Yoda looking creature sitting there. Is it Yoda? Let me know what you think about this shot.


Then we get a great shot of some ships farting out red stuff. If you look closely, you will see AT-AT’s in the foreground, approaching slowly. This really shows the silky style that Rian Johnson will bring to this movie, and he clearly is going to bring this movie in a very different yet slightly familiar direction.


We then see Finn, and he isn’t doing much. The lack of Finn in this trailer has me a bit worried that we won’t see much of him in this movie. I hope that I am wrong though, as Finn is such a great and different character.


We then see Poe running towards an X-wing. This just kind of is there to show that there will be action and conflict in the movie, and that Oscar Issac is back as Poe, as well as BB-8 might I add. It looks as if BB-8 won’t be on the main adventure in this movie, like R2 always was or like K2 was in Rogue One.


We then see the Millennium Falcon. This is just showing us that the legacy of Han Solo will be continued in this movie. Surprised we didn’t see and Chewie in the trailer though.


Then we get a shot of Rey running with a sabre, until it cuts to Kylo Ren looking pretty dark, and his eyes are filled with redness and rage. This is probably foreshadowing the ultimate fight between these two, perhaps with Luke on Rey’s side.

We then see a different angle of the vision that Rey had in The Force Awakens, this time showing us that Kylo Ren is the one that killed all of the in training Jedi, and torched the Jedi temple, leaving Luke and R2 in dismay. There is also a cool shot of a space battle, indicating that we will probably get a cool space battle.


Our first real line of dialogue to come from Luke is “It’s time for the Jedi to end” This ties in well with the movie’s title, and the initial theme of the movie. Luke clearly doesn’t want to train any more Jedi, and feels that he isn’t capable after letting his nephew Kylo turn to the dark-side. A really cool line that I think will happen towards the start of the movie.

The trailer then cuts to the title, again with some ominous and dark music playing, showing the presence of darkness in this movie.
There a few familiar voices very faintly dotted in the trailer that you probably didn’t even notice. I will give you the times that these happen and listen closely.

0:38 – Luke says “Reach out”
0:46 – Young Leia says “Help me Obi-Wan”
0:51 – Darth Vader breath
0:55 – Ben Kenobi says “seduced by the dark side”
0:59 – Yoda says “Training you’ll need… to be a jedi”
These are very faint so listen closely, but there placement and timings in the trailer is very interesting.

Thanks for reading my in-depth analysis of The Last Jedi trailer. I have really grown to love the trailer, and hope that you enjoyed reading this.


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