6 points about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2

6 points about

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

guardians of the galaxy

Allow me to start by saying this… The first Guardians of the Galaxy is my third favourite comic-book movie of all time, and my favourite MCU movie. Excuse my language but that movie is just plain and simple fucking awesome. I therefore was obviously going through the roof with excitement for this sequel. The trailers were hilarious and this movie couldn’t come quick enough, but did it live up to the hype? Read my 6 points below to find out.


1. Peter Quill and his father Ego and their relationship was handled perfectly.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 follows on the story of our favourite characters from the first, as well as introducing some new ones. The central story revolves around Peter Quill/Star-Lord, and his quest to find his father and heritage. Quill’s story was fantastic in this movie, and his character arc really continued excellently from the first movie, keeping us invested in what he was doing. He has such a great, bubbling personality, but we really see go through this emotional journey in the movie, and while he does keep his quick talking and scene stealing quips, he does go down a much more emotionally invested path than the first. We pick up right where we left off with Quill, and his interactions with Ego, his biological father whom he finally meets, becomes very interesting. Given that this was our central storyline, and involved our main character meant that these two characters and their interactions had to be perfect. And it most definitely was.

2. Everyone else was still pretty damn important and interesting.

This movie sort of took the route of The Empire Strikes Back by splitting up our main group of characters and having them go through different adventures. This was a brilliant idea, and we got more time to get to know each character. This kept the movie feeling fresh, and we didn’t get a bunch of characters in messy dialogue scenes trying to steal the best joke.

We got to see Rocket, Baby Groot, Yondu and Nebula together as they were trying to do some stuff, and it was weirdly brilliant. Rocket, like Quill, was going through an emotional journey and while he was keeping his clever insults and one-liners, he became more of a sympathetic character. All while he still stuck to his characters roots. Baby Groot was cute and funny as hell, and stole every scene he was in, without being overused and becoming annoying, like say the Minions in Minions or Jar-Jar Binks in The Phantom Menace.  Yondu was one of the most interesting characters in the entire movie. We really got to see some great character development with Yondu, and he became one of the most fresh and interesting characters in the movie. Nebula is the only thing in the first Guardians that I just point blank didn’t like. She was annoying and terribly acted. The acting improved a lot in this movie, and the character had some interesting moments, but she still I the character that I find the most annoying and the least interesting. These four had some great scenes together, including an absolutely hilarious scene in a jail cell with Baby Groot, Yondu and Rocket.


Peter Quill, Ego, Drax, Gamora and newly introduced Mantis were then the other side of the story. I already talked about Quill and Ego and how excellently that relationship was handled. Drax though, stole the show. He was hilarious, and Batista’s acting majorly improved from the last movie. Drax and Mantis had a weirdly and unexpectedly great relationship, without it ever becoming a forced romance. Drax was the funniest in this movie, perhaps tying with Baby Groot, and his character was handled brilliantly.  Gamora was fine. She had far more interesting of an arc in the last movie. She served her purpose perfectly fine, but hey, not everybody can be a show stealer.

3. The acting was brilliant, and greatly improved from the previous installment

A lot of the actors and actresses in the first Guardians were great, but felt a bit green and inexperienced. As I said above, Batista particularly greatly improved on the last movie and he really was fantastic. Chris Pratt also seems to have really grown as an actor, and he was even better in this movie than the last. Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel got voicing credits in this movie, and Cooper was great as Rocket, but to be honest I don’t think Vin Diesel did a thing for this movie. Sly Stallone was barely in this movie, but in the one or two scenes that he was in, he was genuinely great. Kurt Russell was good as Ego, but didn’t blow me away in the way that I know that he is capable of. Zoe Saldana was also just Ok. I have never been blown away by Saldana, but she does a fine job of playing Gamora. Karen Gillan was far less constantly shouting in this movie, but she still seemed to pale in comparsion to her colleagues. Michael Rooker deserves a mention because he was fantastic in this movie as well, and I think that is pretty much my thoughts on everybody’s performance in this movie.

4. James Gunn excellently created such a vibrant and action packed world.

Gunn did a fantastic job of directing this movie. This world is so detached from the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that is down to Gunn’s excellent world building. Every colour in the colouring box made into this movie, and it felt so fresh and vibrant. The visuals were absolutely stunning, and Ego’s planet in this movie is one of the best looking places ever put to film. My God was it breath-taking. The action was brilliant and just so well executed. The movie was just so fun and exciting, and I couldn’t wait to see what might happen next. Gunn had a lot on his plate with this movie, and he really did a fantastic job.

5. I’m going to talk spoilers in the final point, so I will conclude and rate the movie here.

I really enjoyed this movie. Like a lot. It didn’t seem to hit as well as the first, but I don’t give a damn, this movie was awesome. Was it as good as the first? No. Did it have a few uneven parts? Yes it did. But it was a hell of a lot fun. If you go into this movie expecting anything else, you will be disappointed, but I was definitely not disappointed.  I will rate Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2  9/10.


6. Spoiler talk below!!! Please look away if you haven’t seen this movie.

So we find out that Ego is actually our main villain in this movie, and I loved it. What an interesting and exciting villain. The character was admittedly a bit stale before this all came to light, and Kurt Russel was mainly made do long exposition scenes. Damn though, what a menacing and cruel villain. This wasn’t a villain that has some good in him, like say Magneto or Loki. He was bad down to the bones. Yes, his plan of taking over the world isn’t new, but the way that it was executed certainly was. That line, when Ego says to Quill that he put the tumor in his moms head, was one of the most gut-punching and shocking lines ever spoken in the MCU. This also was the catalyst for a great arc for Peter Quill. When we first met him in the first movie, he was a rougish, brash Han-Solo type character, who had a few family issues. By the end of this movie, he is a completely different man, who had three parents die in his arms. That Yondu death scene was also very powerful and handled excellently. The character of Yondu also had on the best arcs in the MCU. One thing that I didn’t mention yet is the weird gold people. Some people are saying that these were terrible villains. They weren’t the main antagonists of this movie for God’s sake. They were just another obstacle for our heroes to overcome. Ego was our bad-guy, and don’t think that the villains were poor in this movie because of the damn gold people. Also, the billion after credits scenes weren’t worth the wait, but still faintly funny.


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