Thor: Ragnarok Review

Thor: Ragnarok


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Marvel have modernised, improved and created intrigue around the character of Thor. Thor has always been kind of cool, but this movie solidifies Thor’s importance in the MCU, as well making him one of the more compelling members of an ever increasing Avengers roster. Taika Waititi style shines through, as Marvel let him loose to do whatever he damn well pleases. Trust me when I say that is a good thing.

Waititi brings a sense of flair and style to Thor in this newest instalment. The colours are as vibrant as the characters, yet everything feels somewhat grounded. The movie is as daft as any other comic-book movie has been, but Ragnarok always feel truthful, heartfelt and story-driven. Waititi expertly put together this movie, and is perfectly structured. The side-stories play off the main plot and the secondary characters serve the primary characters. Nothing feels unnecessary. This excellent direction is almost covered over by the effects and the colours and what not, but deep down, Ragnarok is a perfectly built movie.

The Marvel Universe has taken a somewhat comedic turn as of late. Ragnarok is the closest of any of the movies to being an all-out comedy. Truth be told this movie is hilarious. The movie knows when the joke works. Going back to my previous point about structure, nothing feels forced or thrown-in, everything works and serves a purpose. This also applies to the comedic elements of the film. Taika Waititi plays the comedic character of Korg, and it’s played to perfection. Without feeling like the annoying comic-relief, he still manages to be a scene-stealer.

As a matter of fact, almost everybody here is a scene-stealer. Jeff Goldblum plays pretty much himself but in space, or as he is known in Ragnarok, The Grandmaster. Tessa Thompson is introduced as Valkyrie, and has become one of the most engaging female characters to come out of the series yet. Tom Hiddleston once again kills it as Loki, a character that never seems to become tiresome. Chris Hemsworth again proves his leading ability as he provides his most entertaining performance as Thor yet. Pitting him together with Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk was a bold, but wildly successful idea. The movie has cameos and Easter-eggs galore, without ever becoming a fan-service movie. Ragnarok most definitely stands on its own two feet as the strongest in the Thor trilogy.

Hela is our villain and is expertly played by the stunning Cate Blanchett. Hela is a fascinating villain, with a rich back-story. Unfortunately, her backstory was rushed, and became an exposition dump. Karl Urban’s character, Skurge, seemed to have the sole purpose of listening to her talk about herself, so that us, the audience, could listen in as well. While she was played menacingly, and was ultimately far more intriguing than previous Marvel villain’s, the execution just wasn’t always there.

Thor: Ragnarok is as fun a movie you will see all year. The soundtrack is as stunning as the visuals. The stakes are high, but so are the laughs. The story stays simple, and allows the audience to go on this adventure with Thor, Hulk, Loki and everybody else. Ragnarok gives us some outstanding action scenes to rival the best we have ever really seen. The movie is relentlessly entertaining, audacious and outstanding.

My rating for Thor: Ragnarok  is 9.25/10.



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